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Brand: Lenny World
LW1041 Muslin Cotton Blanket (120cm x 120cm)
Two layer muslin cotton fabric is very suitable for hot summer, soft hand feel gives gentle touch to baby skin. It can be used for swaddle blanket or simply summer use. 

品牌: Lenny World
LW1041 輕柔全棉紗布被(120cm x 120cm)
使用全棉雙層紗布結構, 質感舒適輕柔, 吸濕力強, 適合夏日使用!  可用作包巾或薄被使用。

LW1041 輕柔全棉紗布被(120cm x 120cm)

HK$89.00 一般價格
  • Includes:
    Muslin Cotton Blanket (120cm x 120cm)

    Fabric: 100% Cotton

    紗布被 (120cm x 120cm)

    布料: 100%棉