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Brand: Lenny World
LW1042 Cotton Gauze Bib (3pcs)
6-ply cotton gauze has soft hand feeling and high absorbability.  Two snap buttons suit for different stages. 3 different prints are good for feeding, teething and daily uses. 

品牌: Lenny World
LW1042 全棉嬰兒紗圍巾 (3條裝)
6層紗布結構, 除手感柔軟外吸濕力亦特強。兩段鈕扣配合不同成長階段。3條裝各有不同印花, 適合鍡食, 日常生活使用。

LW1042 全棉嬰兒紗圍巾 (3條裝)

HK$59.00 一般價格
  • Dimension: 30cmx 45cm (Diagonal side)
    Fabric: 100% Cotton

    Colour: 3 prints


    尺寸: 30cm x 45cm (斜邊)

    布料: 100%棉

    顏色: 3印花  

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