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Brand: Lenny World
LW1050 Baby Bamboo Muslin Reversible Blanket - Dino Fruit
The bamboo fiber blended cotton fabric is soft, hygroscopic, breathable and antibacterial. The four-layer gauze structure fabric on each side composed a reversible feature. When you touch and feel its soft and lightweight, you must love it and let your baby to have this tenderness, comfort and closeness experience. Reversible design, one side is colorful fruits, and the other side is active little dinosaurs, different styles for different children, different ages and different genders.

品牌: Lenny World
LW1050 嬰兒竹纖維雙面紗布被 - 恐龍水果

竹纖維混合棉質布料,具柔軟、吸濕、透氣及抗菌的特性,以每面四層紗布結構, 雙面織造而成。當您感受到它的那份軟柔而輕薄的手感,定願意並放心將這份溫柔、舒適及貼服的感覺送給寶寶,讓他安心睡眠。 雙面設計,一面是色彩繽紛的水果,而另一面是活潑好動的小恐龍,不同的風格,適合不同的孩子,不同的年齡及不同的性別。

LW1050 嬰兒竹纖維雙面紗布被 - 恐龍水果

HK$269.00 一般價格
  • Includes:Baby Bamboo Muslin Reversible Blanket - Dino Fruit

    Fabric: 70% Bamboo Fibre 30% Cotton

    Size: 47" x 47" (~120cm x 120cm)


    嬰兒竹纖維雙面紗布被 - 恐龍水果

    布料: 70% 竹纖維  30%棉

    尺寸: 47" x 47" (~120cm x 120cm)

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