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Brand: Lenny World
LW1051 Baby Bamboo Muslin Hooded Towel - Dino/Fruit

The bamboo fiber blended cotton fabric is soft, hygroscopic, breathable and antibacterial. The four-layer gauze structure fabric with towel underneath provides comfort and warm to the baby. You may use it as a swaddle blanket to fully wrap the baby, giving him a sense of security. Moreover, it is multi-functional, suitable for bathing, going out, sleeping or keeping warm, high quality and durable. There are two different patterns, colorful fruits or little dinosaurs for choosing.

品牌: Lenny World
LW1051 嬰兒竹纖維紗布毛巾包被 - 恐龍 / 水果

竹纖維混合棉質布料,具柔軟、吸濕、透氣及抗菌的特性,四層紗布結構面料加上毛巾底布,為寶寶帶來舒適溫暖的感受。包被可全面包裹嬰兒,讓他增添安全感。 而且用途廣泛,適合沐浴、外出、睡眠或保暖之用,優質且實用。 兩款不同的圖案,繽紛水果及活潑好動的小恐龍, 任君選擇。

LW1051 嬰兒竹纖維紗布毛巾包被 - 恐龍 / 水果

HK$169.00 一般價格
  • Includes: Baby Bamboo Muslin Hooded Towel - Dino/Fruit

    Fabric: 70% Bamboo Fibre 30% Cotton

    Size: 33.5" x 33.5" (~85cm x 85cm)


    嬰兒竹纖維紗布毛巾包被 - 恐龍 / 水果

    布料: 70% 竹纖維  30%棉

    尺寸: 33.5" x 33.5" (~85cm x 85cm)

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