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Brand: Lenny World
LW1065 Baby Cotton Knitted Hat (18cm x11cm)
100% cotton knitted baby hat, soft, smooth, elastic structure for comfort wearing.   Pure white colour with litter bear ears and embroidery pattern, your baby must look cure and lovely! 

品牌: Lenny World

LW1065 初生全棉針織帽 (18cm x 11cm)

全棉針織布料柔軟平滑, 彈性滿滿, 舒適穿戴。純潔白色配上小熊耳朵及小熊繡花圖案, 讓寶寶再增添十分可愛!

LW1065 初生全棉針織帽 (18cm x 11cm)

HK$59.00 一般價格
  • Size 尺寸: 18cm x 11cm

    Fabirc 布料: 100% Cotton / 棉

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