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Brand: Lenny World
LW1066 Infant Baby Muslin Pillow (25cm x 40cm)
100% cotton muslin fabric, 12-layers structure provides high absorbency.  Soft and smooth surface gives gentle care to new born baby.  Round curve shape designed for good sleeping posture.  It is easy to clean, machine wash in cold water and line dry would be fine.

品牌: Lenny World

LW1066 初生嬰兒全棉紗布枕墊(25cm x40cm)

100% 全棉紗布枕墊, 12層紗布結構, 吸濕力特強, 時刻讓寶寶保持乾爽。枕墊表面平滑柔軟, 呵護初生嬰兒幼嫩頭皮及肌膚。微彎形狀設計幫助保持良好睡姿。清洗容易, 可冷水機洗, 隨即晾乾便可。

LW1066 初生嬰兒全棉紗布枕墊(25cm x40cm)

HK$69.00 一般價格
  • Suitalbe for newborn baby

    Size: 25cm x 40cm

    Fabric: 100% Cotton



    尺寸: 25cm x 40cm

    布料: 100% 棉

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